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Pat Kessler (2 / 19) reports from the US Capitol that the storming of the US Capitol could be on the verge of a constitutional crisis. American history: For 230 years, the United States has demonstrated to the world every day a peaceful transition of power. On Wednesday, Pat Kessler broke down U, S Capitol Pat, calling the event unprecedented in American history.

The Red Rock Central volleyball team defeated Canby 3-1 in a non-conference game on Wednesday, May 3. Lakeview (2-4) will face the RCW on Friday, which ends its season with a 1-10 record. Tracy Milroy (Balaton): The TracyMilroy - Balaton's volleyball team defeated Yellow Medicine East 5-3 on Tuesday night in the first round of the state tournament at home. The Lake Viewings: On Wednesday night, Lake View volleyball players defeated Boyd 4-0 in their first-round road game.

Looking back, Byrnes called the results "phenomenal" and said the city now hosts many hockey tournaments that bring teams to the city. Grand Rapids, for example, hosts dozens of weekend tournaments in winter as a hockey mecca, said city administrator Tom Pagel.

When summer comes, Minnesota residents, including residents of Kandiyohi County, go whenever they have the opportunity. Whether you're escaping to the lake for a weekend cabin getaway or an evening cruise on Lake Florida, the Willmar Lakes Area residents know that it's best to be on the lakes on a summer day. From renting a small cabin on George Lake to staying in a two or one-bedroom bathhouse on Green Lake, there are plenty of activities on and around the lake. You can head to an island in Nest Lake and relax by sailing along the shores of Green Lake or find a hidden oasis in the low, hanging branches of trees.

If paddleboard yoga doesn't quite offer the thrill you're looking for, wakeboarding and wakesurfing could be your next on-water adventure. Wake-boarding is similar to snowboarding in that you strap your feet on the board and lean back to keep your balance. Paddleboarding is one or two steps away from kayaking, although it requires more concentration and balance because you are standing rather than sitting. You can go on a little date and race along the lakeside to get a bit of cardio training before dawn.

Wake - Surfing is similar to normal surfing, but it is a little more dangerous because you have to be careful of the sharks that are lurking in the water above the falls.

Kayaks can be a bit difficult to get to, but if you can recruit a family member or friend with a steady hand to hold the boat while you shout loudly, you are well advised to go. You can spend a few afternoon hours on a wakeboard and enjoy the sun Or you and your family can paddle on the lake for a day with a fleet of kayaks. Choose your own adventure by trying paddle boarding yoga - it gives a twist to classic yoga by empowering you as a warrior and releasing you into a relaxed child pose.

With more than 10,000 lakes and more than 100 beautiful freshwater waters, Kandiyohi County is home to many of the world's most beautiful wildlife. Water sports range from leisurely paddling with kayaks on the lake to wakeboard jumping Water sports are a large part of Minozotan maritime culture.

Cities in Minnesota regularly ask their residents in referendums for a temporary sales tax increase to pay for renovations to refurbish town halls.

Last autumn, some of these proposals appeared on the ballot paper as expected, and interestingly enough, a handful were earmarked for sport and recreation. Since then, Willmar's initiative has been incorporated into a comprehensive tax bill passed during the recently closed special session and signed by Governor Tim Walz (lawmakers must approve all so-called local option sales), which includes the city's request for a temporary $1.5 million sales tax increase, plus $500,000 in additional revenue from the state of Minnesota that must be signed off. The new revenue will also be used to finance the construction of a community centre in the city centre, which has yet to be defined. Meanwhile, lawmakers also approved a $2.2 million grant to the growing northwestern city to raise funds to purchase artificial turf - covered fields for football, lacrosse and other sports.

There are unlimited possibilities what you can do around the lake, but here are just a few suggestions : In the city centre there is even a golf course with many opportunities for golfing, fishing, kayaking, canoeing and other activities.

The Somali Adult Literacy Programme is a programme that Jesus shares with our Somali neighbours through literacy and friendship. Willmar leads a team of teachers and tutors that includes teachers from the University of Minnesota, Minnesota State University - Duluth and the Minnesota Department of Education. More than 50 Somali children meet every week to play team sports and do handicraft. Ziham and his siblings were filming their first lap on their ride, while their mother Madina proudly filmed the whole time, laughing and cheering on the children.

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