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In Willmar, the owners of the Kandi Mall recently proposed to the West Central Tribune that they relocate the city's authorities, build a community center, and turn parking lots into green spaces. After the mall was hit by a $1.2 million tax break from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, they hope to add some new blood to bring rents down. The City of Willmar has changed its zoning plans to allow more retail space in downtown and the Mall of Minnesota, in hopes that the malls will receive an additional $2 million in tax breaks to boost investment at the site.

In recent years, the mall has sold a piece of its huge parking lot to a developer who is building apartments and a hotel on the site. Fast shipping has eliminated long waits for people who live far away from big box stores, such as Minneapolis and St. Paul. But the large boxes of shops that arrived in the 1990s, when shopping centers moved from the outskirts to the city's retail center, are now luring some of their own customers.

Ryan Pesch, who works in community economic development at the University of Minnesota Extension, said that cities right now are trying to attract new businesses, just as they are trying to attract people to work in the jobs they already have. They want to get back to work straight away and get a job quickly, "he said.

Local officials hope that customers who come to Willmar to buy clothes and homewares will not go shopping elsewhere when the store closes. Pesch said that it is necessary to behave for the benefit of the people who live there, not just for the benefit of the business owners.

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The closure of a few brick-and-mortar stores is not because there are a large number of other stores, but because the local government has a strong tax base, unemployment is very low, and consumers have many options. If a large retailer came to town, it might take two or three small shops to fill the space in the store. We have a well-stocked convenience store, a full service grocery store, a gas station and a convenience store.

The Amazon model puts a bit more pressure on sports goods, books and the like. Retail is doing better than other sectors but it seems to be facing new pressures, "he said. A spokesman for RockStep Capital, the state of Texas's largest investment firm, declined to comment.

Southdale designer Victor Gruen sees this type of use as part of a planned community center for the nation's first closed shopping center, which opened in 1956. Willmar provides medical care, entertainment and shopping in surrounding small towns such as Roseville, Bloomington, Edina and Stillwater, where the company operates stores. Customers also have plenty of other shopping options in Rose County and surrounding smaller towns such as St. Paul, Duluth and Fall River. However, steps have been taken to diversify the property and add more shops and services that make the shopping centre more of a "community centre," he said.

Located in the heart of Willmar, south of downtown, the Kandi Mall is the largest shopping center on the Southdale property, with more than 1,500 square feet of retail space and a variety of restaurants.

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The Hennepin County Library is building a new branch on the Southdale property, and Bell Tower Antiques is moving, so drop by and visit them at the new location, Backman said. Life Time opened in the mall formerly occupied by JCPenney, but they are likely to close when the chain goes bankrupt in 2018, although the Kandi Mall store was among the company's best, he says. Kohl's opened a store last year in a former Sears location off Interstate 35W in Willmar and is doing very well, according to the 19-page report.

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